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Water hardness – table and conversions in °dH

On February 1, 2007, the hardness ranges were adapted to European standards and the millimoles of total hardness per liter was replaced by the (from a chemical point of view nonsensical) millimoles of calcium carbonate per liter. Water supply companies will probably continue to publish the total hardness, but this is not required by law. The new hardness ranges hardly differ from […]

How often do I have to disinfect my water ionier?

How often do I have to disinfect my water ionier? Disinfection is usually not necessary. Descaling with a warm citric acid solution is in itself a disinfection. For some applications, for example in commercial areas or in doctor's offices, it is definitely advisable to disinfect the spout by spraying and wiping with a 10% hydrogen peroxide solution. […]

What is the most sensible way to know when I need to descale my water ionizer at the latest?

With most ionizers, depending on the lime content and the flow and the selected ionization level, the flow at the outlet for the alkaline hydrogen water decreases in the first 1 - 12 months. Therefore, you should descale these ionizers every two to four months, depending on the lime content and use. We recommend regular descaling of all water ionizers every two to six months at the latest, [...]

The flow of the EOS Genesis water ionizer has reduced | Should I descale again?

After the last descaling at the beginning of October, Lydia only managed 1,7-1,8 l/min with the reducing screw fully turned on. Before it was over 2 liters and I always had to reduce something with the screw. I'm surprised and would perhaps have the descaling run through again. I don't have any other idea because the water pressure at the taps is not […]

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