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What is hydrogen water or water containing hydrogen (hydrogen rich water)?

“> Electro-activated water” summarized in 3 sentences The following is a collection of studies about H2 water: And an even larger one: .2_en_black.pdf Here is an English hydrogen therapy study collection for download with numerous studies that structure hydrogen therapy into areas. An information and study collection about H18 inhalation in German, from page 2: Instructions for the Aquavolta® H2-Inspirator incl. H40 studies-XNUMXS.pdf And here is a study collection […]

Redox potential

Armin K.: Why do you actually need to measure the redox potential of the alkaline activated water if you have already determined the pH value? There is the Nernst equation for conversion?

HRW – Hydrogen Rich Water

Heinrich H.: The US researcher Tyler Le Baron writes that the dissolved hydrogen content is the sole therapeutic advantage of activated water, even if he drinks mildly alkaline water from a water ionizer in about the same drinking range as you, i.e. between pH 8 and 9 recommends. Now if I'm not overly acidic because I [...]

What is a hydrogen booster or hydrogen booster?

The Hydrogen Booster – water ionizer to produce hydrogen water from any water. More videos about the Hydrogen Booster | Battery-operated water ionizer to produce hydrogen water Link to article

Kangen® water – what does the term mean?

Kangen Water® has been a copyrighted term since 2005. This is activated water that has been treated (ionized) by devices from the manufacturer EnagicTM. Kangenwasser® is basically alkaline water, although the pH value can vary between 8,5 and 9,5. In addition, strong Kangen Water® with a pH value of around 11 can also be produced; this is suitable […]

Increased calcium content in alkaline activated water?

Increased calcium content in alkaline activated water? Eberhard P.: In your video lecture “The Redox Revolution” you talk about an increased calcium content in alkaline activated water. You can also see this on the bottles when a whitish limescale separates after a while. I really believe in drinking active water, but isn't there a risk of hardening of the arteries if I drink it constantly [...]

Value comparison °dH (degree of German hardness), mmol/l, mg/l.

Frieda S.: When you recommend water ionizers, you always state the hardness levels in 0dH (degree of German hardness). However, my drinking water supplier's analysis states mmol/l. On the other hand, mineral water bottles say mg/l. How can these values ​​be compared?

Alkaline water – activated water – ionized water: what is what?

Herrmann K.: Alkaline water, alkaline activated water, ionized water, electro-activated drinking water, electrolyte water, hydrogen-rich water... I'm starting to no longer know my way around. Which water do you recommend and which is which? When water is electrolyzed in an electrolytic cell with a diaphragm membrane, the two water ions H+ and OH- are not only formed from water molecules. It […]

Can alkaline water neutralize stomach acid?

How does alkaline water survive stomach acid to have an alkaline effect in the body? The question about the alkaline effect in view of stomach acid is answered as the first question in the interview video: And here is the experiment with stomach acid, which cannot be diluted so easily: You can drink alkaline active water in the recommended drinking range up to pH 9,5 to […]

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