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satisfaction guarantee

Four-week free trial phase & 182 days satisfaction guarantee from receipt of the goods, Return shipping at YOUR OWN COST

Everything starts with a four-week, free trial period from the moment you receive the product

You order online, to Email, by phone, Whatsapp (+491792166231), Skype or even by FAX (+4989416117990) an Water Ionizers or another product from our range. After the order has been placed, you will receive an invoice as an offer by email. We will ship the goods immediately after receipt of payment, at the latest on the next working day.

Another option for our high-priced products is the “deposit option”:

After you have received our approval for this option, you pay 50% of the total amount as a “deposit”. The remaining amount must then be paid during the four-week, free test phase. Unless you decide to cancel your order, it is best to do so by email or, if necessary, by telephone.

We are so convinced of our products that we give even the last doubters enough time to convince them: Only after receipt of the goods start the first four free test weeks.

You have the opportunity to get the goods used in the four free test weeks, i.e. really tested, to send back to us.

In the event of cancellation, send us the products that you do not want to keep. After receiving the products - in perfect condition - we will refund the entire “deposit”.

Returns are made at your own expense, because we already have enough effort and costs with outbound shipping. We would be grateful if you didn't request a return label or something. For products over €300 we will send a return label anyway, but even if there is none, please send it back at your own expense.

Free test phase, satisfaction guarantee and then also the effort of a return label, that is very, very demotivating for us, so the test and satisfaction guarantee applies if you send it back at your own expense. Thank you for your indulgence.

If you have the device or our product not in the first 28 days after receipt to us send back, applies from a total purchase value of € 1000,00 automatically the 6-month satisfaction guarantee:

Satisfaction guarantee of 182 days from the shipping date, from a total purchase value of € 1000,00, and if returned at your own expense, unless you have received a return label from us

If you are not satisfied with your water ionizer or one of our other products after the first four free trial weeks, you can the product or individual products from the order within 182 days send back to us.

We will refund in the event of a return the purchase price paid minus a flat rate fee.

The amount of the flat rate fee is 30% of the product price, which is documented on the invoice.

At the same time as the return shipment, we will create an official credit note and pay this to the bank account or PayPal account you provided within two weeks of receiving the product back.

The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to resellers of our products.

Example of dismantling and returning water ionizers

This offer, which has existed since 2010, has now been improved again for your benefit

In the case of a water ionizer we ask you first this one really essential > lecture video by the expert, Karl Heinz Asenbaum to watch.

None of our products are excluded from this satisfaction guarantee. We stand by our products and will also take back used products so you can test them and make sure.

Important in the event of a return, whether within the test phase or as part of the satisfaction guarantee.

In the event of a return, please ensure that the product is sent back properly, as it arrived. Above all, no water should escape from the filter or water ionizer. To do this, use the drip protection caps that were in the water connections when the device arrived.

Please be sure to inform us before returning the item so that we can make a note of this internally.

Lecture KH Asenbaum: Drinking water in the hydrogen age

Ask about our test devices that are only used for two to four weeks

If you are actually still unsure and would rather test electro-activated water based on our rental offer or the satisfaction guarantee, we would ask you to be so fair to us that you would rather just request a demonstration device, which we will of course “equivalent to”. new” including new filters and connection set, new pH test set, new descaling set, current operating instructions and of course the full guarantee as with a new device.

As a rule, there can only be slight aesthetic defects on the outer box or on the protective film of the display, and more rarely on the housing, but these are completely irrelevant to operation. You will not find any defects in the demonstration device and its full functionality, because we check every return extremely meticulously in our family business!

We can send a completely new product if requested.

In this case, simply send the demonstration device back to us and you will receive an invoice for the additional charge for the new device.

Of course, you can ultimately keep the demonstration device and enjoy it up to a maximum of 20% discount, even though it was only in operation for a maximum of 28 days and still enjoys full warranty protection from us.

Simply talk to us about your savings wishes!

We will inform you of the exact discount when you order a demonstration device so that you are free to make your decision at any time.

Two typical examples from practice:

Example 1: Return shipping within the first two weeks

  1. Shipping date by us: May 1.5.2016st, 2.5.2016, delivery date on May XNUMXnd, XNUMX.
  2. You have transferred € 1870,00 in advance.
  3. Return shipping as part of the test phase, 14 days after receipt of the system on May 15.5.2016, XNUMX.
  4. You will receive a refund of €1870,00 within 2 weeks.

Example 2: The 182-day test case, returned after 6 months

  1. Shipping date by us: May 1.5.2016st, 2.5.2016, delivery date on May XNUMXnd, XNUMX.
  2. Transfer of the amount, e.g. € 1970,00 for one Aquavolta® H2 Rocket Two Stage (our currently best water purifier) ​​Payment in advance (immediate transfer or bank transfer)
  3. Return within the scope of the satisfaction guarantee within 182 days, up to a maximum of November 2.11.2016nd, XNUMX
  4. Reimbursement amount: €1370,00 less 30% €959,00
  5. You will receive a refund of €959,00.

Satisfaction guarantee modalities:

The satisfaction guarantee starts after the free trial period of 28 days and is valid until 180 days after the shipping date. The above conditions will be noted on your purchase receipt even after an online order and will be confirmed to you by email before the goods are dispatched.

Now only less than 1% of our water ionizer customers send us a device back in the first four weeks or, more rarely, in the first six months. If you're one of them, that's really fine, at least you tried it.

You actually have almost nothing to lose, as you will still get almost the entire amount refunded (minus 30%) even after six months. You can then see this as a rental fee.

Why a 182-day satisfaction guarantee?

This ensures that you have given your body enough time for the alkaline ionized water to take effect and that you have had enough time to gain experience so that you can evaluate for yourself whether you are satisfied or not.

We provide this exceptional service with which we take a large financial risk in the event of an exchange because we are convinced of this technology as well as the quality of the devices we offer and the advantages of basic ionized hydrogen water.

Just try it out with e.g one of our water ionizers or Hydrogen booster!

Do you have any questions about hydrogen, water ionizers, reverse osmosis systems or water filters?

> Product advice: Yasin Akgun, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich

> FAQ'sKarl Heinz Asenbaum, author & researcher

Passport photo Yasin Akguen high r 100Passport photo Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Action: 10% discount for social assistance recipients by proof before or after the order by email with this voucher: 10% social assistance discount

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