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Refurbished water ionizers | Full warranty and Test and satisfaction guarantee

The water ionizers offered in this category have been completely overhauled, i.e. technically serviced and, if necessary, spare parts have been replaced, checked for functionality and professionally cleaned. You will receive an invoice with VAT, the complete scope of delivery and the guarantee of the original product.
We also have other used or demonstration models from the brands Prime, Aquion and ECAIA Alkabest.

The water ionizers are initially purchased by those interested tested completely free of charge for two weeks, and only then decide whether to keep it or send it back to us. If you decide to purchase, you will currently receive one this month six-month satisfaction guarantee.

Should you have one Consultation If you would like, please call Mr. Akgün on the number + 49 (0) 89 - 416117997 

Repaired Ionizers | Water ionizer refurbished

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Shows all 11 results