Water Ionizers

Criteria when purchasing an ionizer | Comparison of water filters and reverse osmosis

Discover the world of water treatment: from filter systems to reverse osmosis to water ionizers. Each system offers unique benefits, and choosing the right water treatment system is critical for your individual needs.

While opinions vary on the definition of 'healthy water' and the merits of different treatment methods, our focus is on providing you with a choice that meets your specific needs. Whether you prefer soft water that is low in minerals or appreciate the taste of highly alkaline water, we have the right solution for you.

A special highlight in our range is the Aquavolta® H2 Rocket Two Stage. As a powerless alternative to traditional electric water ionizers, this device is characterized by up to four times higher Hydrogen content in the water. Although it is technically a flow-through water infuser, it outperforms many flow-through water ionizers in this regard, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly option for water treatment.

Let's work together to find the ideal system for your home that takes both your taste and your health into account.


Shows all 9 results

Shows all 9 results

Comparison of water ionizers | Production of basic hydrogen water

NameRocket 2 StageH2 RocketCavendishECA TractorCavendishEleganceExquisite
Aquavolta® filter with tap on table and under table installation - basic H2 water 1500Aquavolta® OSMINION 100 GPD incl. H2 Rocket reverse osmosis system incl. pH value increaseAquavolta Cavendish 2-0 table-top and under-table ionizer frontal q 600AquaVolta-EOS-ECA-Plus-Water-Ionizer-400x400Aquavolta Cavendish 2 under-table operating tap U-blue 75AquaVolta Elegance under-table operating tap 150AquaVolta Exquisite table-top ionizer for the production of basic hydrogen water 300
Price includes VATfrom € 1350from € 13501970 €2870 €2370 €1970 €1770 €
Hardness up to°dH 25°dH 25°dH 25°dH 18°dH 25°dH 25°dH 25
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
Electrodes & surfaceMicro-electrolysisMicro-electrolysis7 panels 936 cm²7 panels 2047 cm²7 panels 936 cm²7 panels 1039 cm²7 panels 1039 cm²
Filter count1×67€ & 2×37€ 1×67€ & 2×37€ 2 x 87 €2x 87€1 x 87 €1 x 87 €1 x 87 €
Equipment installationTop table & under tableTop table & under tableunder tableOn tableOn tableunder tableOn table
Dimensions in cm HxWxD× × 37 8,5 20,542x16x2837x28x1542x41x1937x28x1540x30x1540x30x15
H2 contentup to 4000 ppbup to 4000 ppbup to 1200 ppbup to 1800 ppbup to 1200 ppbup to 1200 ppbup to 1200 ppb

*H2/hydrogen yield in ppb (parts per billion); at °dH17, highest performance & 0,7 L/min alkaline water

All water ionizers achieve a maximum of approx. pH10,7 & approx. -700 mV with lime-free electrodes & at minimum flow & the strongest ionization level, depending on the water

Only the AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 and the exquisite, Both with or without the under-table operating tap are very well equipped to prevent the electrodes from calcification, which is why only these should be used with water hardness over °dH16. Everyone else would have to do it too often decalcified .

The H2 Rocket Two Stage and H2 Rocket Multi Stage are the winners when it comes to H2 content and also work without electricity.