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Water Ionizer Instruction Manual | Manuals

All operating instructions for your water ionizer to produce alkaline and/or hydrogen-rich water

We will continually expand the list so that you can quickly find your water ionizer, no matter how old or what brand. You are welcome to add your operating instructions to our list. Please send us your desired instructions or the PDF.

Water ionizer manuals to produce basic water with a lot of dissolved molecular hydrogen

Instructions for HRW generators with and without PEM cells for producing hydrogen water without changing the pH value

Operating instructions Top ionizer for producing alkaline water with very little dissolved molecular hydrogen

Brochures & eBooks about alkaline water | Hydrogen water:

Important links:

Material Safety Data Sheet – MSDS Collection:

Water Ionizer Manuals – English – to produce alkaline, hydrogen rich water

Water Ionizer Manual HRW-Generators with and without PEM-Cell to produce molecular hydrogen rich water (not alkaline)

Water Ionizer Manual for Batch Ionizers to produce alkaline water with low molecular hydrogen content

Manuals de instructions | Ionizadores de agua – castellano

Water ionizer user manual – Russian | Instructionsia

Manual of instructions in Portuguese

Manuál Generator molekulárního vodíku – Czech

Manual ionizers d'eau en francais

Manuals in Dutch for Netherlands / Holland

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Popular Water Ionizers | Production of basic hydrogen water

EOS Genesis 9-Cell water ionizerEOS touch water ionizer ionized waterAquaVolta-EOS-Revelation-tap-water-ionizer-alkaline-water-400AquaVolta-EOS-ECA-Plus-Water-Ionizer-400x400AquaVolta Cavendish 9 water ionizer including activated carbon filter 150AquaVolta Elegance under-table operating tap 150AquaVolta Exquisite table-top ionizer for the production of basic hydrogen water 300
Price incl.1870 €2070 €1870 €2870 €1870 €1970 €1770 €
Hardness up to°dH 16°dH 16°dH 16°dH 18°dH 25°dH 25°dH 25
Warranty7 years7 years7 years5 years7 years7 years7 years
& -Area
9 panels 1336 cm²9 panels 1336 cm²9 panels 1336 cm²7 panels 2047 cm²9 panels 1204 cm²7 panels 1039 cm²7 panels 1039 cm²
Filter2 x 67 €2 x 67 €2 x 67 €2x 87€1 x 67 €1 x 87 €1 x 87 €
Equipment installationOn tableOn tableunder tableOn tableOn tableunder tableOn table
HxWxD cm37x34x1537x34x1535x34x1542x41x1937x28x1540x30x1540x30x15
H2 content1200ppb1200ppb1200ppb1800ppb1200ppb1200ppb1200ppb

*H2/hydrogen yield in ppb (parts per billion); at °dH17, highest performance & 0,7 L/min alkaline water

All water ionizers achieve a maximum of approx. pH10,7 & approx. -700 mV with lime-free electrodes & at minimum flow & the strongest ionization level, depending on the water

Most important criteria when purchasing an ionizer | Comparison of water filters and reverse osmosis

A table water system can be a water filter, reverse osmosis or a water ionizer. Usually a combination of these.
Water filters are the basis of a table water system and usually consist of activated carbon.
But be careful, who knows about it?

Water filter house connection, ionizer, reverse osmosis, on-table, under-table installation, pH value, microsiemens and conductivity, alkaline water, what does it all mean?
I show comparison criteria for buying a table water system, no matter what components this water filter may consist of.

Only the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9- Elegance and the Exquisite are very well equipped to prevent calcification of the electrodes, which is why they should only be used with water hardness above °dH16. Everyone else would have to do it too often decalcified become. Below °dH16 are also the EOS Genesis, touch or Revelation II to recommend.

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