AquaVolta® 100ml/min hydrogen infuser & H2 inhaler for hydrogen inhalation

197,00  - 1.170,00 

(14 customer ratings)

  • Production quantity of molecular hydrogen / H2 gas (not Browns gas, so pure H2 gas): 100mL/min ± 10%
  • Purity of molecular hydrogen (H2): > 99.995% (SGS Certified)
  • Operating the hydrogen generator only with distilled or better BIDEST water: < 5 μs/cm to produce the H2 gas (100ml/min).
  • and infusing H2 gas into drinks with the only on request supplied Mixer, as the one supplied free of charge H2 Turbo Hydrogen Booster is much more practical and produces up to 1,7 ppm H5 content instead of 2 ppm
  • The drinks do not come into contact with the membrane material and electrodes, as the clean hydrogen gas generated is swirled into the water or drink.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 130 x 120 x 203 mm, weight: 900 g
  • Operating voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, power consumption: <60W
  • 2-year guarantee on function & H2 production performance (100 mL/min ± 10%)
  • 4-week rental period: €197 incl. H2 turbo booster, will be credited upon purchase
  • Development: Germany & Taiwan, currently manufactured in Taiwan, soon also in Germany with further hydrogen gas swirler variants
  • Instructions AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser & H2 inhaler, 42S.pdf
  • You will receive 5 x in this bundle Breathing goggles1 x can filter, 5 liters of water, bidist & as Promotional gift 1 x Aquavolta® H2 Turbo Booster
  • We currently only have two used devices available in silver

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AquaVolta H2 inhaler and H2 infuser - mix hydrogen inhalation and H2 drinks
AquaVolta® 100ml/min hydrogen infuser & H2 inhaler for hydrogen inhalation
197,00  - 1.170,00 
Business hours: Monday through Friday 9-20 clock
You will receive 5 breathing goggles, 5 liters of BIDEST water & 2 x H2 Turbo Booster free of charge when you purchase this hydrogen inhaler:

AquaVolta® hydrogen infuser to make H2 drinks & hydrogen inhaler to breathe H2 gas

Drink hydrogen water | Breathe hydrogen gas


  • The AquaVolta® H2 inhaler & hydrogen infuser for drinks 100 ml H2 /minute for inhalation or for making hydrogen-rich drinks. With the associated hydrogen swirler you can produce fully saturated hydrogen water in 90 seconds (1,6 mg/l). The water vortex makes it possible. Hydrogen boosters need at least 600 seconds for this!
  • Since the hydrogen drink produced does not come into contact with electricity or electrodes, other drinks such as juices, milk and soups can also be enriched with hydrogen in just a few seconds.
  • Inhaling 100 ml/minute (1/3 inhale - 1/3 pause - 1/3 exhale) creates one liter of pure hydrogen energy into your body within 30 minutes. This is the real power nap, whether in the office, watching TV or sleeping. Hydrogen inhalation and drinking hydrogen-rich water has been the megatrend in the Far Eastern and US healthcare industries since 2016.

H2 inhaler & H2 vortex booster for drink activation

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Diagram 1 2


  1. Switch sensor
  2. Function check window
  3. Tank cap of the double distilled water refill tank
  4. Hydrogen outlet nozzle with cap
  5. Valve for O2 outlet
  6. Connection socket for H2 water swirlers
  7. Socket for power plug

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Diagram 3 7

The hydrogen infuser module


  • The swirler bottle is connected to the hydrogen generator at the H2 outlet via a hose.
  • The power for the swirler is supplied via a USB connection cable and an external power source.
  • This allows saturated hydrogen drinks (not just water) to be produced in a very short time.
  • You can also add hydrogen gas to other liquids. Pretty much anything liquid can be converted into a powerful antioxidant drink. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. Juices, hot drinks and even soups can be transformed this way. No other device can do this.
  • A battery-operated drinks and smoothie mixer specially developed for the inhaler is in development and will be available in 2020

AquaVolta® hydrogen inhaler has a new swirl bottle

AquaVolta H2 inhaler silver and H2 infuser - hydrogen inhalation and mixing H2 drinks 600
AquaVolta H2 inhaler gold and H2 infuser - hydrogen inhalation and mixing H2 drinks p 600
AquaVolta H2 inhaler silver and H2 infuser - hydrogen inhalation and mixing H2 drinks 600 p
AquaVolta H2 inhaler gold and H2 infuser - hydrogen inhalation and mixing H2 drinks 600

Unpacking | AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser & H2 Inhaler

Proof of hydrogen production: 100ml/min

Inhalation preparations


  1. Insert the short, curved hose of the water collector into the open H2 outlet
  2. Attach the end of the nasal cannula firmly to the second outlet of the water collector.
  3. Tighten the nasal cannula at the back of the head.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Nasal Cannula Water Collector

Inhalation operation

A short press on the sensor button starts the release of hydrogen into the nasal cannula. The sensor lights up blue. To stop, press again. The device stops automatically after two hours. So you can work, watch TV, play cards and even sleep at the same time. If there is too little water in the device, it will beep and show a red LED light. Then it's time to add double distilled water to the water tank.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Preparation

How does H2 work as a therapeutic gas?

Science doesn't actually know all the details yet. However, the consequences of using it in basic studies are largely known. And a billion-dollar industry in the Far East has already ensured that people don't wait until decades of human studies prove 100% effectiveness. You're already relying on what's likely to come out of it.

From today's perspective, one can perhaps state quite soberly that H2 as a therapeutic gas is the most interesting of all medical gases for various reasons. Essentially, it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, the cause of over 150 of the most common medical conditions. From a current perspective, however, it does not protect against bacterial and viral infections. However, oxidative stress and inflammation are undoubtedly two of the most fundamental mechanisms for destroying human health, especially as people age and their typical diseases arise. Molecular hydrogen has been shown to be effective in essentially every organ of the human body because it helps mitigate the area of ​​oxidative stress and inflammation.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhalation Operation

Less hydroxyl radicals, which are the most dangerous in our body, what does that mean? If you look at the other free radicals, such as nitric oxide (NO), this is a very beneficial important free radical because it can dilate blood vessels and therefore helps reduce blood pressure.

Nobody wants to neutralize NO with an antioxidant! In addition, our immune system uses other oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, none of which should be cleaned away unless they overshoot. But our body's own antioxidants are very reliable at taming them.

The peroxynitrite anion, which is very damaging to cells, also obviously decreases through treatment with hydrogen gas. Do we have to wait until every last doctor knows why this is the case? The doctor treating you has, on average, studied medicine 20 years ago and may have never learned about the mechanisms of NO or peroxynitrite during their training or further education.

Normal antioxidants are not selective. They donate their electrons to comparatively weak oxidants. Molecular hydrogen, on the other hand, only reacts selectively to super-strong oxidants that cannot be dealt with by the body's other antioxidants.
Hydrogen helps bring everything back to homeostasis.

This is why hydrogen is so difficult to study, because when you give molecular hydrogen to a cell or animal, you often don't see any changes. When everything is already perfect, everything is already in homeostasis, you don't see any changes. Hydrogen often requires you to administer some type of toxin, and you see how hydrogen reduces, rescues, or mitigates the effects of this problem caused by toxins.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Infuser Module with hose
AquaVolta H2 inhaler and H2 Vortex Booster hydrogen inhalation generator or similar

Overview of the state of the art in the hydrogen (H2) industry

Inhalation: quantity/duration

The machine should produce 100ml of hydrogen gas per minute to be used as a normal inhaler. Anything less than that would require you to sit still for too long to receive therapeutic benefits.

Hydrogen gas machines pump a controlled amount of H2 antioxidant gas into the hose line that you connect to the machine. Here are some possible uses:

AquaVolta Vortex Booster bottle with wave

Breathe in H2 antioxidants while sitting or lying down.
Make any water rich in hydrogen antioxidants.
Make other solutions, such as Body washes, juices or even soups in antioxidant solutions.

The faster the flow rate, the less time you have to (or should) breathe in at the same time.

The body needs balance, and while inhaling hydrogen gas is of course wonderfully therapeutic, it is not the case when you imbalance other needed gases in your body.

Look for a hydrogen gas generator that has a final stage drying filter that the gas passes through. This is important and I can't think of a hydrogen gas inhaler that doesn't have this final filter. The reason for this is that if you breathe in for longer than 5 minutes, you would inhale too much moisture without this filter. It wouldn't be particularly healthy to do so to defeat the intended purpose.

When comparing inhalation models, it should also be noted that not all of the gas coming out of a machine is consumed, as a breathing cycle generally:

1 third inhale

1 third exhale

a third is rest

Hydrogen gas generators can be used any time you are relaxing or sitting still. They are scientifically designed to pump high levels of antioxidants into a thin plastic tube (called a cannula) that you would normally inhale while sitting or lying down.

14 Reviews for AquaVolta® 100ml/min hydrogen infuser & H2 inhaler for hydrogen inhalation

  1. Annette S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Now I finally want to report on my experience with the H2 inhaler and infuser.

    Since March of this year we have only been using the device with purified water (without ionization). I drink around 2 liters of hydrogen water every day, my husband inhales more in the evening while watching TV.
    After the first month I already had the impression that overall I was feeling a little better with my fatigue and the frequency of my migraine headaches. But I didn't want to make a definitive statement until after at least 1 months, as there are always better and worse weeks for me. From April I also changed my diet according to Anthony William's recommendations. And the combination of H3 water and the implementation of the nutritional recommendations has really made noticeable progress for me. My stress limits have become significantly wider. Much more is possible and the frequency of headache days is reduced.
    We really like the combination of the device – inhaling H2 and swirling H2 into drinks.
    Thank you for bringing this device to our attention earlier this year! When I decided to use a water ionizer, I was primarily concerned with the hydrogen content in the ionized water, and that was difficult to achieve with our soft water. So for us the H2 inhaler with the infuser is ideal, better than the water ionizer because we're concerned with the hydrogen content.
    Thank you very much and kind regards, Annett S.

  2. Hannes K. -

    Hello Mr. Akgün
    Hope you are fine! – Everything is fine here, we are satisfied!
    I would like to ask you for an offer for another EOS Touch 201 for our patient Ms. KB
    She is enthusiastic about the inhaler and the first measurement after the diagnosis of COPD looks good... (after the shock diagnosis of COPD a good two months ago, it was said a few days ago that she could run a marathon with these lungs... It would be interesting to get the values! )
    She saw the EOS device in our practice and we talked about it in detail. Now she would like to buy this device for her home in addition to the inhaler and has asked me to write to you and ask you for an offer, which of course I would be happy to do.
    Thank you for your efforts and best regards
    Hannes K.

  3. Michael B. -

    Good evening everybody,
    I would like to thank you again for delivering your products.
    The water combined with the filter system from you, Mr. Butze, and the hydrogen generator from you, Mr. Akgün, tastes very good for the whole family and better than normal tap water. Above all, it feels very good. You can feel that it has a soothing, positive effect.
    In addition, there are currently problems with water in Switzerland due to high levels of pesticides, antibiotics, nitrates, etc.
    Apparently I chose the right time to buy an effective water filter from you that eliminates these pollutants. …
    ... a big thank you to both of you for your advice.
    With best regards from Switzerland
    Michael B.

  4. Andrea A (Verified owner) -

    Dear Mr. Yasin Akgün,
    After careful consideration, I did not decide on this hydrogen ionizer.
    There is no question swirling quickly. The inhalation also went well.
    For your information, I never drank from the whirlpool and didn't use anything other than water to keep it “clean”.
    In any case, I will give you the device, the remaining masks (except 2), and the swirler back.
    I will take a closer look at the portable hydrogen devices.
    Maybe you have a recommendation for me.
    Greetings Andrea A.

  5. Elizabeth -

    Hi Yasin,
    You confirm that you will receive a payment of 700 euros on May 31st, for the final test of the AquaVolta Hydrogen – invoice 22100 – Elisabeth GRENIER.
    A great thank you for your confidence and ease of payment that you agree with.
    Merci bien pour ton paiement finale Elisabeth
    Maintenant nous summer appointments with the payment
    Il y n'y a pas de quoi, merci bien a toi
    Y avec le inhalateur, ca va bien?
    Tu te sens mieux?
    See you soon

  6. Olivier -

    Bonjour Yasin 🙂
    2 info:
    – Normally I will pay the solde ce mois-ci, j'attends un paiement, dès que je l'ai je te paye ce qui reste
    – I have a fair amount of concentration measurement in H2 from the product and I have 1.6ppm 🙂 I can use the device during the day, there are 4 and 6 x 400ml per day + 1 à 2 x inhalations 1/ 2 hours.
    Tone apparatus functionne vraiment bien ! Bien amicalement,

  7. Gerald -

    Hello Yasin,
    the package arrived safely.
    I'm just getting to know the function and am looking forward to testing this beautiful device!
    May I contact you from time to time if any questions arise?
    Thank you and best regards, Gerald

  8. Malik -

    This is a new device with a completely new concept. It is not comparable to the bottle boosters. The technique was primarily developed to inhale hydrogen gas. However, it is also possible to “mix” H2 gas very effectively and quickly (90 seconds) into any liquid using an additional device. In comparison, bottle boosters with an inhalation attachment are estimated to only produce a hundredth of the amount of H2 gas per minute, with correspondingly questionable physiological effects.
    Unfortunately (probably for safety reasons) it is not possible to generate H2 gas pressure with the device. Even at very low back pressure (less than 20 cm water pressure), the H2 generator is switched off electrically for safety reasons.
    Application for drinking:
    The device is intended for stationary operation. Of course, it can also be transported, but it is significantly heavier and more voluminous than a bottle booster and it can only be operated from a socket. The big advantage of this method of mechanically “mixing” H2 gas is that this can be done not only in water but also in any other cold and warm drinks. As is generally the case with the topic of hydrogen intake, everyone can ultimately only find out for themselves whether it makes sense for them.
    Because only unpressurized gas can be produced, it is also clear that mixing in an open vessel cannot achieve H2 concentrations in the water that are significantly above the H2 saturation under atmospheric pressure. However, this H2 saturation is achieved much faster and more reliably than with the pressureless bottle boosters. These require 12 to 20 minutes of fumigation. For H2 concentrations over 2000 ppb, I can recommend the bottle booster from “aqua living”, which is relatively pressure-tight.
    My personal opinion is that it certainly (also) depends on the total amount of H2 gas that I consume. In terms of the amount of gas consumed, I can achieve the same thing by simply drinking more liquid with a lower H2 concentration.
    And in the morning I prefer to drink a glass of H2 orange juice instead of just water, which I'm not supposed to use with the booster bottles.
    Another big difference: The device only produces the purest H2 gas without all the possible negative or possibly positive effects that can be associated with the breakdown of substances dissolved in drinking water. For all those who assume that some kind of “electrical effect” caused by the flow of electricity on the water is beneficial to their health, they will certainly not get it with this one. Anyone who is worried about ozone, chlorine compounds or altered minerals in the water should now be excited.
    The device works best with distilled water, also because this completely prevents the electrodes in the H2 generator from becoming calcified. I use battery water from the hardware store, which is demineralized and I boil it again to degas it. Boiling tap water alone is not enough. The non plus Ultra is double distilled water, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or chemical supply store. The water consumption in the device is extremely low and the only waste products that are created are oxygen gases that escape, i.e. no wastewater that has to be emptied (there is nothing more in pure H2O).

    Inhalation application:
    Here I had the interesting experience that H2 absorption through the lungs has different effects on me than through drinking water. Using both methods I deliberately took a “too high” (?) dose of H2. The liter of water I drank had an H2 content of 6000 ppb (about twice as concentrated as very good boosters, I made it using my own method without boosters) and I inhaled with this device for 4 hours breathed H2 without interruption, releasing 100 ml of H2 gas per minute (both of which I expressly recommend not for imitation!).
    Both types of H2 supply gave me a good mood and a feeling of lightness, which unfortunately didn't last long. After a short time, drinking water led to the development of gas in my intestines, which discharged in both directions and quickly led to stronger, longer-lasting headaches. Inhaling, during which I sent much larger amounts of H4 gas through the bloodstream over the 2 hours, did not lead to any unpleasant symptoms, just a clearly tipsy high state, which sobered up again within 5 minutes of the end of inhaling was.
    My explanation for this very big difference is that the H2 gas probably acts directly on the intestinal flora in the intestine and stimulates it to “form gas”. The headache could therefore be a detoxification reaction as a result of the breakdown products from the intestinal reaction being transported away in the blood... but I'm not a doctor... to me the headache felt the same as perhaps an allergic reaction to food, such as artificial flavoring -Substances in sweets.
    Everyone can decide for themselves whether this effect is positive or harmful, but for me this effect does not occur at all when I inhale. If a headache occurs when drinking water, I would definitely recommend drinking less water or with a lower H2 concentration and slowly increasing the dose.
    My motivation for additional intake of hydrogen are the two effects of blood thinning, which seem to me to be quite well established (or, more precisely, the counteracting of the blood platelets sticking together into so-called “rolls of money” and therefore having difficulty getting oxygen into the finest capillaries) and the anti-inflammatory and wound healing-promoting effects of H2 gas. That's why it's said that inhaling H2 makes skin nice and soft.
    I don't have any lung problems, but I could well imagine that inhaling H2 gas could bring significant relief to severe asthmatics with inflammatory lungs.
    Inhalation certainly brings larger amounts of H2 gas more evenly distributed into the body, but not into the filling of the gastrointestinal tract, i.e. into the intestinal flora, in the same way as H2 water.

    And finally ...
    A really good, versatile and innovative device. The only real disadvantage for me is the really intimidatingly high price. As long as you don't get the device on a health certificate, many people who would benefit from inhaling hydrogen only have the hope that knock-offs of this technology that are affordable for the average earner will appear on the market as soon as possible 😉

  9. Wolfgang -

    hello yasin,
    It's like a miracle for me too, I wouldn't have thought that everything would be the same
    my best friends order a device.
    Thank you very much for the trust you place in me, that makes me
    incredibly happy and motivated. …

  10. Robinet L. -

    j'ai bien reçu le colis
    Robinet L.

  11. Adrian S. -

    Hello Yasin,
    Your package arrived yesterday. Thank you for the quick delivery.
    Yesterday I transferred the entire amount.
    Best regards, Adrian S.

  12. Elizabeth -

    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you, including your confidence to allow me to pay in several times.
    I plan to make you a transfer every first of the month, with the possibility of paying you back faster, if the opportunity affords me.
    Good day

  13. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Thanks for the objection. You forget that Dr. Sircus recommends devices that produce oxygen in addition to hydrogen. In addition, an electrolysis enhancer (accelerator) is used, which is based on potassium or sodium, so vapors of potassium lye or caustic soda can also arise, which in the worst case could be inhaled. It is not for nothing that these are very loud Browns gas generators, which are more commonly used in the jewelry industry or other technical areas. The emphasis is on very loud!! And that's something that can ruin everything for you if you have to hear the inhaler in the room while using it, and very loudly at that. This is not the case with our inhaler, whisper quiet...

  14. Andreas Rost -

    100 ml / minute for a price of 2400 euros. Hmm, do I really have to do the math? Adequate devices produce 600 to 1200 ml / minute and don't cost much more. What does Dr Sircus recommend?

  15. Wolfgang -

    I forgot something about “positive”:
    almost silent. …
    … rapid production of H2
    up to 20 runs in a row without any problems
    light and transportable
    very nice optics
    solid materials
    very low consumption of distilled water
    no maintenance
    a comparison with that basic booster is virtually impossible.
    the difference is too huge.
    how do you want to compare a used 2vc (duck) from 1980 with a new Mercedes :)
    Best regards,

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AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Commissioning 4

4. Now gently shake the device back and forth 4-5 times to remove any remaining air bubbles from the device. Then press the sensor switch for 5 seconds to start activation mode.
The activation process takes 2 hours. Meanwhile the blue sensor lamp flashes. The O2 valve must be pulled out. This process is also necessary if the device has not been used for a long time.

Maintenance signals

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Diagram Red Light

Water level warning: The LED lights up permanently red and a beep sounds. Please refill the tank with double distilled water.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Diagram Red light flickers

Water in the supply line to the nasal cannula or the swirler: The LED flickers red and a beep sounds.
Briefly press the sensor button to switch off the flashing and dry the nasal cannula. If necessary, replace the nasal cannula with a new one.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Diagram Water Container

If more water has accumulated in the water container than marked, empty it.

 AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Diagram Blue Light

If the LED flashes blue, the filter needs to be changed.

First switch off the device at the switching sensor.

Unscrew the water tank cap and replace the removable filter.

Screw the water tank cap back in and briefly press the sensor button. The blue light will stop flashing after a beep.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Filter Change

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Commissioning 1

1. Screw on the water refill tank and fill with double distilled water up to the line marked on the left.
Then insert the water filter and screw the lid of the water tank back in.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Commissioning 2

2. Plug the power supply adapter into the bottom right socket and connect the power plug to the power supply and a 220 volt socket. A blue flashing on the switching sensor indicates that a test of the device functions is being carried out.

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Commissioning 3

3. Open the hinged lid above the H2 output. Then open the O2 valve by pulling it up a little.

Downloads for the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser – H2 inhaler

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Accessories German

Structure of the swirler bottle

AquaVolta Vortex Booster Inhaler Assembly Vortex Bottle

Hydrogen infusion in water or other drinks:

  1. Pour in the drink exactly up to the 400 ml mark.
  2. Tighten the cover and release the H2 input socket.
  3. Connect the H2 input socket to the H2 output of the inhaler
  4. Establish a power connection to the inhaler.
  5. Start the hydrogen generator with the sensor button
  6. As soon as bubbles appear in the swirler, start swirling with the on/off switch.
  7. The swirler stops after 90 seconds. Water is then fully saturated with hydrogen.
  8. Other drinks: Stop the swirler after 10 to 30 seconds using the on/off switch. Hot drinks up to 60 degrees C can be swirled for up to 60 seconds.