Water filter with activated carbon

Water filter with the filter medium activated carbon filter, heavy metal filter, reverse osmosis, H2 Rocket Two Stage

Our filters are either placed on the sink (Tabletop filter like the products further down in this main category) or under the sink (Undersink filter) Installed.
There is also the option of one House entrance filter to be installed for the entire house.

The Changing the filter media Depending on the type and water load and total throughput time, this should happen after about 6 months at the latest.
Heavy metals are their particular strength AQUAPHOR® filter media, what the other activated carbon filters cannot simply filter out. Thanks to the silver ions built into the filter matrix, germination is reliably counteracted through long service lives.
Here you can analyze your own water.

Of all the tabletop filters in the world, our main recommendation is the AQUAPHOR® Modern, the easiest countertop water filter to install on the faucet.

If your filters have reached the product-specific term, i.e. have been used for a certain period of time, they should be replaced. Water filters have a certain capacity to bind pollutants. Other filters have a germ barrier and guarantee almost 100% filtering of bacteria, viruses and other components larger than 0,1µm.

Revolution in drinking water treatment: reverse osmosis & mineralization with the H2 Shuttle pH+

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Results 1 - 12 of 21 are displayed