Tesla experiment set for water revitalization | 150 MHz oscillator | Water matrix water vitalizer

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Tesla 150 MHz oscillator experiment set for water vitalization water matrix Artur Trankle white
Tesla experiment set for water revitalization | 150 MHz oscillator | Water matrix water vitalizer
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Tesla 150 MHz oscillator for water vitalization... | .Mp3 download

Tesla experiment set | Water revitalizer | 150 MHz water oscillator | Water matrix

With the Tesla experiment set you can explore the fascinating world of water structuring. This device is based on the findings of Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky, who studied the biological effects of electromagnetic oscillations. With different hand probes and program times, you can bring water, juices, tinctures, oils, cosmetics and other liquids into a hexagonal structure that is beneficial to the health and vitality of humans, animals and plants. The Tesla Water Vitalizer is a versatile and innovative device that offers you many options to improve your quality of life.

The Tesla Experiment Set is more than just a water revitalizer. It is a cell activator that helps your body help itself. Many users report positive results experiences with the device, such as less pain, better skin, more energy and concentration. The Tesla Experiment Set is a valuable tool for anyone interested in alternative healing methods and energetic medicine.

Application | Tesla experimental set for water revitalization

Tesla FlexPad 3.0 | Application high frequency 150 MHz oscillator

Why does the application work with the Tesla water vitalization experiment set - 150 MHz oscillator | Water matrix?

The Tesla Water Oscillator from Wassermatrix is ​​not a multi-wave oscillator (MWO), but a single-wave oscillator that only operates at 150 megahertz (150 MHz).

Our body consists of more than 2/3 water. What if we energize the water supplied to our body in such a way that the body can use the energy stored in the water again? The body would be in excess energy, to put it simply. He draws from this until he has restored sufficient order himself. Then the body has recovered and hundreds of thousands of cell processes per second run as planned again.

One application starts with drinking structured water. Use normal or purified water. The device can structure up to 5 liters of water in just a few minutes. To do this, position the hand probe in a water carafe or between 3 filled glass bottles for more supply.

Bee Tesla dances on very thin ice at 150 MHz until the ice layer cracks

Tesla 150 MHz oscillator experiment set for water vitalization water matrix Artur Trankle white low    

Conductivity high frequency through melon bread & water | Tesla water matrix

Tesla Celltuner with Huendin - high frequency application with a Tesla Celltuner oscillator

Music with high frequency | Very strong Tesla coils make this possible

Below are a few videos that explain the origin of the Tesla water oscillator. You can do a lot with high frequency, even music with the Tesla Coils. Of course, with the Tesla water oscillator everything is much, much gentler, there are no sparks or anything like that. The high frequency can only be made visible with an LED plate or a neon tube or neon light bulb. See the videos above.


Tesla 150 MHz oscillator experiment set for water vitalization with rod antenna and Flexpad web g

14 Reviews for Tesla experiment set for water revitalization | 150 MHz oscillator | Water matrix water vitalizer

  1. Erna -

    Hey Yasin
    Thanks for the instructions – so it was child’s play!
    I think that my trigger finger has become much better after the short application time of about 10 minutes.
    This is so great. Thanks for making this available.
    I think that using the pad is the main option – especially for my son.
    Have a nice weekend and best regards,

  2. Hannelore -

    Hello Yasin,
    We have already had good experiences, for example my neck is no longer so stiff and the hardening on my chest due to the operation is smaller and
    very important, my husband is in a much better mood
    I was also skeptical at the beginning, but I think the hydrogen booster will work.
    collecting it is good therapy.
    The Tesla Home is for my daughter so she doesn't have to drink 7 liters of water with me every day
    Many greetings Hannelore

  3. Luis Erharter -

    Hello Yasim

    Thank you for the really professional handling of my order. After three days I have already had success with my hand arthritis thanks to the CELLTUNER therapy, more to come.
    Your generous gifts have made me a “hydrogen water fan”. I would NEVER have bought such a device but thanks to you I have been blessed abundantly.
    A big problem for me was always drinking Coca Cola. Since I've been able to make hydrogen water easily, by adding drinking water to the cell tuner, I've stopped drinking Coca Cola. I'm currently undergoing a deacidification treatment with Schüssler salts - I'm excited. Dr. TESSLA meets Dr. Schuessler. Oh, I'll tell you about that.

    Thank you again for your generosity and finding your address was a real blessing

    Greetings Luis from Zurich

  4. Stephen P -

    Hi Yasin,
    I hope you're well!? My family and I are already testing diligently and have already been able to cure one or two aches and pains...
    Just wanted to ask if you can say when the remaining parts will arrive...?
    Stephen P

  5. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello dear Monika J.
    wow, thank you, that completed my Sunday, what beautiful words, it's fun to make people “younger” with these products...
    Yes, there are several factors, but of course, drink a lot of water, because it's delicious with the very soft hydrogen gas and of course, the Tesla 150 MHZ oscillator, it does completely different things. If you look at it from the perspective of Germanic medicine ( http://www.aquacentrum.de/neuemedizin ) I would say: Because of more youthfulness and freshness in the face, self-esteem has increased, which in turn is great for the bones and joints. And then the main effect is the deep hyperthermia through the cell tuner, the miracle device, who knows what else it has dissolved from before. Yes, just keep going, either way it's the most beautiful luxury feeling, the deep heat, I use it for easily 8+ hours every day, while working and watching films in the evening, etc... With that in mind, I'm looking forward to further experiences, all the best from Munich, Yasin

  6. Monika J -

    Hello Mr. Yasin
    Everything I have ordered so far (and of course the gifts too) has been well received by the family. The good thing is that I now have visits from the children more often, as they always come to collect fresh water and unfortunately they were so impressed by the gifts that I left them for them. That's why I ordered the Aquavolta H2 Turbo Hydrogen Booster again today. My children have already claimed that I am much more balanced, no longer so hectic, calmer, so to speak. And when my older daughter said that my face somehow looked younger, I immediately ran to the mirror. Oh - I don't think I need a facelift, right, I look better, just fresher. And am I mistaken, or do I really see that the wrinkles appear softer, not as deep anymore, so to speak?
    It could be because of the H2 Turbo Booster water. But it could also be because I use the irradiated water /Tesla experiment set/ as facial cleansing water, so to speak, and then lightly irradiate my face with the Tesla rod. I have to say, it tingles pleasantly slightly.
    I also have - or should I say, had - frequent joint problems and early attacks of dizziness. They are gone!! So I think the Tesla and the H2 Booster work well together and I just feel great, better than I did two weeks ago. It is a daily positive ritual for me to use the Tesla for various applications (water and body) and also the H2 booster. We've already tried so many things for our health, but I know and you can already feel it after such a short time that these purchases from the Aquacentrum are the best of all.
    Kind regards from Monika J. to you and your entire team.

  7. Sabine -

    Thank you dear Yasin,
    the money is out...I'm really looking forward to the item and think your customer service is great:)))
    Thank you very much and kind regards

  8. Arlette -

    A wonderful good morning Yasin,
    Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    Yes, please send these along, that's very kind of you and I really appreciate it.
    I have already transferred the money to you, I hope it reaches you today.
    The address would be good if you could change it so that the package would be delivered immediately.
    This address is then as follows: …
    .. You can arrange everything else through me, only sending it to me would be good if she gets it straight away, but if it's easier for you to send it to me, that's not an issue either. Just please let me know so I can tell her if she gets it or I can you just please send me the link so I can let her know when she can roughly expect it (you have to know my mom and technology are 2 different worlds
    I would also like to thank you very much for the channel filter for my mom
    WOW I'm really at a loss for words, mega, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you give me and my mom and also for your quick answers and help.
    I'm thrilled and can't put it into words.
    I am grateful to have “came across” you
    I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year 2023, and above all good health.
    Have a nice day and we'll hear each other.
    Kind regards, Arlette

  9. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    A few words from me after 9+ months of experiences myself and with customers and friends:
    1. The collection of all the good reviews and videos about the Tasla Celltuner from Wassermatrix can be found here: http://www.aquacentrum.de/erfahrungen-tesla/ . I think Celltuner is the winner of all the high-frequency products because it is very easy to use and very, very pleasant; you want to treat yourself with the TeslaFlex Pad as often as possible. Provides nice, pleasant deep warmth, and only 2 things: 1. My sister experienced: 4 x 15 minute use, 30+ year old bad period pain on the first day of the period now gone and not gone again... and 2. Hip after 2 big ones Accidents wrong and surgery etc., she can only go up stairs while holding on, etc. Not even after 4 days did she experience severe periosteal healing pain and 3 days later she can now go up stairs without holding on, no pain, etc. A lot of the hip seems to have been repaired have also been confirmed by your therapist etc. in just a few days. etc… Just awesome. But it is not comparable to the Lakhovsky coils because 1. quiet, 2. no sparks or anything, 3. can be used for any length of time, 4. super pleasant deep heat, etc... But it only runs one frequency, 150MHz, I can see the body like a solar panel that can record different light frequencies, but also other frequencies. And whether 20 Hz (only) to 150 MHz like the Lakhovsky or just 150 MHz, everything helps, of course it's better if you can drive from 20 hertz to 150 million hertz (150 MHz), but all the effort, and above all Radio piracy is a radio club, the Federal Network Agency is happy about it. They detect something unusual like that with their computers, but they don't do it. Except when someone comes by, they ask what's there and that you should stop. Then there is a letter that costs around €200 that you have to pay… Nothing more. You can also use a shielding canopy, but you don't know whether it's enough because it's much cheaper than the other EMF protective cages: http://www.yshield.com/baldachine-zelte/baldachine/ , it's just a small effort... Well, as written, everything is rather relaxed with the radio piracy, as a lot of Chinese cheap but very powerful radios are sold everywhere... And yes, the radio frequency is something very, very special, after 17 years in the wellness industry it's amazing I'm already blown away by myself... On that note, all the best to the high-frequency friends here, your Yasin

  10. Manfred Weissenbacher -

    My name is Manfred Weissenbacher and I am now 63 years old.
    When I was 30, I had a serious bike fall and fell on my head and back.
    Since then, my neck and back have been bothering me.
    I have tried all treatment methods and do exercises to strengthen my back muscles almost every day.
    But there are times when my back hurts extremely.
    I visited the Aquacentrum precisely in such a phase of pain.
    Yasin treated me there for 20 minutes with his strange device.
    And lo and behold, the pain was gone for the time being and significantly less in the long term!
    Thank you Yasin!!!

  11. Dr. George S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    After 6 or 7 weeks an interim conclusion:
    After all the positive reports, I was expecting real miracles, but my experience is not quite like that.
    When it comes to the experience reports, one should of course not forget that disappointed users rarely write.
    But now to me and my wife. She has a painfully inflamed left shoulder. She discontinued exposure after 10 days with no improvement. – I myself have had moderately severe muscle soreness in my right arm since last autumn. After a few uses, these have subsided significantly. They're not completely gone, but I didn't care too much about them. I have had significant success with my prostate. Before I usually had to go to the toilet once at night, but now I don't have to go to the toilet anymore! When I wake up, there is no particular urge to urinate that would drive me out of bed straight away.
    Of course, I also use the Lakhovsky to irradiate our drinking water. My wife, who was actually more reserved about such “esoteric” measures, now said that she had a good feeling when drinking this energized water. I have glass vessels for storing drinking water that used to become cloudy after a while due to limescale and were then cleaned again with citrate. Although the filtered water that I now produce with your new filter contains additional calcium, the vessels remain clear! Always a special feast for the eyes. What if this also results in cleanliness of the vessel and cell walls in the body? Makes you feel good.
    Kind regards
    Dr. George S.

  12. Steffi L. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you so much for all the information, tips and additional gifts.
    I’m really looking forward to starting this new “journey”.
    I arranged the transfer today, but it probably won't be processed until Monday:
    Kind regards and a wonderful weekend
    Steffi L.

  13. Kerstin -

    Dear Yasin,
    The shipment arrived safely today, I'm very happy about it. Thank you for making it happen so quickly. Thank you also for the interesting book, I will try everything out over the weekend and read a lot. I'll call you next week.
    I wish you a nice weekend.
    Warm greetings from Berlin from Kerstin

  14. Alexander -

    Dear Yasin,
    What can I say other than “Thank you, thank you, thank you very much”…
    The device arrived safely and we have already carried out the second treatment. We are unwaveringly certain and will push through for now. We wish you a great start to the week and we'll hear from each other.
    With kindest regards,

  15. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Translation from German:
    Hello Dr. S.,
    thank you for your answer. Great that it worked out.
    Regarding your question. In the video we said 5 minutes, but the program runs for 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes is also sufficient for the 5 liters of water. No issue how you decant, is not sensitive H2gas water but “energized” water. Good luck, looking forward to more experiences,
    Kind regards
    Your Yasin Akgün
    Hello Dr. S.,
    thanks for your answer. Great that it worked.
    Regarding your question. In the video we said 5 minutes, but the program runs for 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes is enough for 5 liters of water. No matter how you decant, it is not sensitive H2gas water, but “energized” water. Good luck, I look forward to further experiences,
    Kind regards
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  16. George S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Of course I had the throttle set to 0. I must have held the fluorescent tube incorrectly. After watching your video, I tried it again and lo and behold - it did glow. Impressively. Now I understand what the small hexagonal circuit board is for. They couldn't explain it to me at first.
    By the way, you also show the structuring of water in a 5 liter glass container. Is a 10-minute session really enough?
    If you then pour the structured water into smaller glass bottles, can you use a metal funnel?
    Love from,
    George S

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FAQ's about the Tesla water revitalization experiment set | 150 MHz oscillator | Water matrix

FAQ Hydrogen Water & H2 Turbo

FAQ's Radio Frequency

FAQ's Radio Frequency

Shielding of the 150 MHz high frequency and at the same time reversed electrosmog possible through a shielding canopy?

Hi Yasin

Yes, I already have a few success stories with back pain 😊 I transferred the 1 euros to you today. You should have this in your account tomorrow. I have three questions:

My girlfriend has Hashimoto's and takes appropriate medication. Can I test your thyroid despite taking medication?

My problem area is my neck...When I apply the field to my neck it gets very, very hot within a few seconds...If it gets too hot, can I still leave the device on my skin or would it be better if I gave my skin a break?

I want to completely shield myself from electrosmog. Do you perhaps have a tip here? A good company perhaps? I was thinking of a canopy.

LG and have a very nice day


Hey Alessia

Wow, thank you for the good news. And also the remaining payment. Glad it stays. To your questions:

Yes, the girlfriend can, it's like seeing a heating mat, everything very gently. Because of the thyroid, I would send her the following topics:


She was either too fast or she wasn't fast enough and she's probably on track, feel free to call me afterwards.

If it's too hot on the skin, then with fabric in between and still for a long time.

The shielding canopy helped a customer to finally be able to sleep again after weeks, so it is generally recommended: www.yshield.com/baldachine-zelte/baldachine/

At the same time, you can work with a clear conscience without throttling at the back of the Tesla oscillator because the canopy also shields high frequencies radiated to the outside. So twice as good, such a canopy. I would have to ask the manufacturer if I could offer their products to me. But until then, please order there

Hope this all helps you
Can I keep your questions as an FAQ in the product in the FAQ tab please?: www.aquacentrum.de/produkt/tesla-experimentier-set-zur-wasserbebebung-lakhovsky-multiwellen-oszillator-celltuner-wasservitalisierer-wassermatrix/

Thank you, your Yasin

What happens to the hexagonal water structure if I put this water into the Aquavolta hydrogen booster?

Hello Mr. Asenbaum,
I have a question about the Tesla water oscillator that is offered on the Aquavolta site.
What happens to the hexagonal water structure if I put this water in the Aquavolta hydrogen booster do?
How does the hydrogen produced behave in water? What is the best way to combine these devices with each other?
Many thanks in advance for your reply.
With kind regards,

On December 02.12.2022nd, 17 at 48:XNUMX p.m., Karl Heinz Asenbaum wrote:

Dear AL,

I can only answer the following based on general physical and chemical considerations:

According to scientifically reliable results, hexagonal water clusters are exclusively dependent on temperature when the electromagnetic radiation environment remains constant. The closer the water approaches the freezing point, the larger the proportion of hexagonal clusters becomes, until it almost only contains hexagonal clusters in the ice form. What is not yet known is the extent to which dissolved hydrogen influences the temperature-dependent cluster curve.

In my opinion, talk of hexagonal water is mostly without any scientific basis. No device in the world can produce pure hexagonal water at room temperature for more than a femtosecond.

But why? The cells in our body absorb water not in clusters, but individually, molecule by molecule through aquaporin channels. The cells don't care about drunk water clusters at all.

The Tesla oscillator uses radio frequency to send high-frequency heat rays deeper into the tissue than an infrared radiator. As a result, the irradiated water components become rather warm, i.e. less hexagonal. The hydrogen booster presses hydrogen gas into the water. This does not affect the cluster structure. Hydrogen concentration and water structure are two completely different construction sites. But there is nothing wrong with enriching Tesla-structured water with H2 gas in a hydrogen booster.

Kind regards /with kind regards
Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Wiesenweg 2 / D-83346 Bergen im Chiemgau
Phone + Whatsapp: +49 (0) 15 2345 567 94
Fax box: +49 (0) 321 22 11 11 00

All important links:

My book: Electro-Activated Water: https://aquavolta.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Elektroaktiviertes_Wasser_Asenbaum_2019_10te_Auflage_Ebook.pdf

Collection of various nice references from users of the Tesla Celltuner - more experiences are available here to find

Tesla Celltuner with Huendin - high frequency application with a Tesla Celltuner oscillator

So my dog ​​always comes as soon as she notices that I switch on the device...she often has to do with her stomach and intestines...if she thinks it's enough, she goes. But she really enjoys:

Butterfly rescue operation with the Tesla Celltuner 150 Mhz oscillator

Just saved a butterfly that stopped responding but climbed onto the stick (A few minutes later) Just flew away.

Another example, of many, of the effect of the oscillator

“Today a small bird flew into the window and was unable to move. I nursed him back up. Fielded for 8 minutes, then it flew again”. Best regards, Claus-Peter B.

Small bird boosted with 150 MHz because it flew into a window 1

Small bird boosted with 150 MHz because it flew into a window 2

Turtle Adele loves the high frequency of the Tesla 150 MHZ oscillator

Turtle Adele loves the high frequency of the Tesla 150 MHZ oscillator

Delicious home-grown organic Turkish mint with hexagonal water using the Tesla 150 Mhz oscillator

Delicious home-grown organic Turkish mint with hexagonal water using the Tesla 150 Mhz oscillator