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Peter U.: Should you use alkaline or acidic activated water when brushing your teeth?


Charlotte A.: Can I use alkaline activated water to mix baby milk powder?

Cooking with alkaline active water

Sandra T.: I was told that I could also cook with alkaline activated water and make tea and coffee. Does this only provide taste benefits or does it also have a health benefit?

Combination tablet and ionized water

Chantal F.: I bought a water ionizer and am very impressed with the taste of the water. So far I have always swallowed a combination tablet with organic minerals. Should I continue to do this?

Coffee and alkaline active water

Coffee and alkaline active water Manfred M.: In your Service Manual Mensch you show coffee as an acidic drink in a beverage comparison table. There is a significant difference between filter coffee at around pH 5 and soluble Arabica coffee at around pH 6 - but I don't like instant coffee! Can you tell me whether it would be of any use [...]

Stagnation water

Heinz O.: We have a water ionizer with a flow change system where you can immediately draw alkaline active water. Unfortunately, the device first comes out warm. But I want to let the water run first until it comes out of the tap cool. Should I pull out the power plug to do this, or can I run the ionization beforehand [...]

Drinking water recommendation

Yesim D.: I'm confused about whether I'm drinking the right water because your statement is different than that of the manufacturer. Back then it was said that you start with level 1 and after a few weeks you go to level 2 and later to level 3. Level 4 should only be used for cooking water. Read about the question of cooking […]

Relaxation time

Johannes R.: How long can I drink the alkaline active water? How long is it active? When does it lose its usefulness?

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