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Lecture by KH Asenbaum | Drinking water in the hydrogen age (2018)

In this lecture from January 6, 2018, Karl Heinz Asenbaum describes the possibilities and limits of drinking water for health from the Stone Age to the latest hydrogen boosters.

One of his best and most current lectures. We recommend.

Water treatment – ​​more information?

After watching these two main videos, the Lecture on alkaline active water and Interview about the new book Electro-Activated Water and FAQ video and the FAQ pages and, if you are new to the water industry, have seen the video, you should have accumulated more than enough knowledge and security.

To go even deeper, we recommend downloading the free copy of the “Service Manual Person”.

In the future, we would be the first to send similar, free articles to all people who are thirsty for knowledge and enter into the web form.

In the interview On this page, Karl Heinz Asenbaum explicitly addresses the existential importance of hydrogen as an energy source in our food for the first time.

Book presentation | Electro-activated water | interview

No time? | Shorter presentation for everyone without a lot of time


What is the role of hydrogen in our body?

It is simply the basic currency of all energy processes in the body. During his Nobel Prize speech in 1937 it was pressing Albert of Szent-Györgyi like this:


“Our bodies really only know one fuel, hydrogen. Our food, carbohydrates, is essentially just a packet of hydrogen… and the main event in its combustion is the separation of hydrogen.”


There is no simpler or better way to put it. Chemically it is very complex.

Hydrogen – Why actually eat extra?

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