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Water filter installment purchase & financing

Financing water ionizer or H2 inhaler via Paypal 0% installment purchase or Klarna flexible installment purchase Slice it

1st option, the best: 0% Paypal installment purchase in 3/6/12/24 installments

Would you like to order a product over €99 from us? We currently particularly recommend the paid option Installment purchase Powered by PayPal, even as a non-Paypal customer as you can then pay the total amount in 3, 6, 12 or 24 installments. We will cover all of the interest incurred for you!

An additional bonus if you are already a PayPal customer or want to become a customer: As a PayPal customer you also enjoy Buyer protection from PayPal. If the goods do not arrive, you will receive your money back from PayPal.

Once received, enjoy one four-week, free trial period and our 6-month satisfaction guarantee. The first installment is due no earlier than 37 days after purchase.

0% installment payment Powered by PayPal – Shopping cart value possible from € 99 to € 5000!

With the help of installment payment Powered by PayPal, we give you the option of paying for your order in monthly installments (subject to a credit check). You will still receive your order immediately and you do not have to identify yourself at the post office or bank. Approval takes place during the payment process with just a few clicks of the mouse. Aquacentrum will fully cover the interest accruing on PayPal for the installment payment for you.

PayPal installment purchase interest-free 6 or 12 months 250

For you this means: You conclude the installment payment contract with our Aquacentrum shop. We assign the payment claim to PayPal and PayPal will collect this in its own name. The first installment is only due after 37 days or later, i.e. only after you have received the goods and extensively within the scope of our free trial period have tested and convinced yourself of the product quality. Despite PayPal installment purchase, we will always remain your contractual and contact person.


Your options for paying in installments – paying in installments in 3 steps:

  1. During the ordering process, choose the installment payment method and decide which term and monthly amount best suits your needs.
  2. Apply for installment payments directly in our online shop. To check your creditworthiness, you only need to enter a few details.
  3. In a matter of seconds you will find out whether your credit check is positive and you can then complete the purchase. There is no need for a detour to the bank or post office.

0% installment payment Powered by PayPal: Reach your goal faster

Customers who have a PayPal account and link their installment payment to their PayPal account can benefit from PayPal buyer protection. However, we can only offer you payment in installments Powered by PayPal if the billing and delivery address is in Germany.

So that the online application for installment payment can be processed easily and securely, we have commissioned the payment service provider PayPal to carry out the credit check and the application process for installment payment. Your creditworthiness is checked by PayPal in real time and you will know immediately whether payment in installments is possible for you.

Note: You are allowed to access the Internet browser (the program you use to surf the Internet) no AdBlocker have to run. Also noteto accept all cookies when you open our websites for the first time. You may try using an alternative internet browser, but please only after 24 hours. The immediate rejection has nothing to do with your creditworthiness. Paypal then rejects the request for the entire day, so you can only try again the following day.

2nd option if Paypal is not displayed in the payment process. However, interest applies here: Klarna flexible installment payment Slice it

  • Provider: Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sweden
  • Earmarking: Purchasing products or services in online shops
  • Credit limit: Personal credit limit (limit) dependent on creditworthiness.
  • Term: Flexible rates from 3 to 24 months

interest rate | Klarna flexible installment payment: Slice it

The Klarna installment purchase interest is usually 11,95 percent as a fixed interest rate. In addition, Klarna charges a fee of 0,45 euros per month. The effective annual interest rate is therefore usually 14,79 percent. These interest rates are variable and can be adjusted at any time. Below is a representative example from Klarna for an installment purchase for a purchase amount of 500 euros.

  • Net loan amount: 500 euros
  • Runtime: 12 months
  • Number of installments: 12
  • Tied borrowing interest rate: 11,95%
  • APR: 14,79%
  • Monthly rate: 44,86 euros
  • Total: 538,35 euros

According to Section 6a of the Price Indication Ordinance (PAngV), at least 2/3 of customers receive the representative example from Klarna when they take out the Klarna Flexible Installment Purchase (provided they have creditworthiness). This is a non-binding calculation example. The actual interest rate may vary.

Repayment and special repayment of the Klarna flexible installment payment Slice it

Flexible installments – at least 1/24 of the amount used per month (but at least €6,95). Every month on the 15th you will receive a monthly invoice from Klarna by post or email. The date by which your installment must be transferred to Klarna is stated on the monthly bill in 14 days. In the event of late payment, or if less than the specified minimum amount due is transferred, Klarna will charge additional late fees.

Replacing installment purchase:

Early redemption or full repayment is generally possible at any time. Thereafter, no further interest will be charged and no monthly installment purchase fees will be charged.

Required documents for Klarna flexible installment payment Slice it

When completing the Klarna installment payment for the first time, numerous personal details will be requested. If you finance more than 200 euros, you will also receive a written contract from Klarna, which you must sign and return. Further documents may be required in individual cases.

SCHUFA information:

As part of the credit check for the Klarna installment purchase, a SCHUFA query is carried out. If the SCHUFA entries are negative, the installment purchase may be rejected.
Requirements: The prerequisites for the Klarna installment purchase are to be 18 years old and have a successful credit check.

3rd option: Financing via > You borrow money from and then pay us as normal in advance or direct debit, etc.

We have already helped many customers get a product simply by purchasing in installments. Above all, the interest rates are really very low, starting at 1,99%.

The procedure for applying for a loan via

  • First enter the in the selection windows below desired > loan amount and the > Runtime.
  • Now select one of the four suggested providers and click
    > recalculate

Loan comparison via or

The arrangement of the loan or financing or installment purchase takes place entirely without us. You apply for a loan online through the established Munich credit comparison company or This gives you super low interest rates, starting at 2,99%! All of this without a loan broker in between, which costs additional money.

If you have any further questions, the best thing to do is to get free advice directly: Free, direct advice hotline: 0800 – 24 24 123

Loan comparison – loan calculator from

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