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Water filter systems and their installation variants

Many water filter systems for drinking water treatment in private households now represent a large market segment - so large that the consumer's overview is beginning to disappear. We would therefore like to provide you with a short and concise overview of the different product variants on this page.

Basically, water filters can be installed in three different ways: as an on-table, under-table or house entrance filter. Tabletop filter are placed on the sink and stand next to the faucet. Stand against it Water filter in the undersinkformat that is mounted invisibly under the sink. The third option is water filter systems that are integrated directly into the building's main water pipe (so-called house inlet filters).


Water filter systems by type of filtration

Jug filter comparison Aquaphor Aqualen – Brita

On the other hand, water filter systems can be differentiated according to the filter technology used.

Here are first of all Activated carbon water filter to name: A coal bed with a specifically enlarged surface is passed by the water flowing through it and adsorbs its dissolved pollutants. This system is comparatively inexpensive, removes all major impurities and chemical contamination while leaving healthy minerals in the water untouched.

KDF filters are based on metal alloys (usually copper or zinc) and trigger redox reactions when they come into contact with water, converting harmful elements into harmless substances. They effectively remove inorganic foreign substances such as chlorine or heavy metals, but not organic substances. Finally there are still reverse osmosis systems worth mentioning, which use water pressure alone to force H2O molecules through a membrane that retains pollutants. The reverse osmosis process reliably removes salts, lime and other undesirable substances from the water, but healthy minerals are also lost in the process.


Comparison of 6 reverse osmosis systems

Basically, it is recommended to treat drinking water after filtration by energizing it in order to make it tastier or more “cellularly permeable”. This can be done with the help of one Hydrogen booster or a water whirlwind.

Aquaphor® filter systems

The systems that we particularly recommend to our customers include: Water filter systems from Aquaphor®. These rely on a dual protection mechanism consisting of activated carbon and hollow fiber membrane filters. In contrast to most common activated carbon filters, Aquaphor® products retain up to 98 percent of all heavy metal particles.

In addition, silver ions in the filter matrix ensure that no germs form, even if the devices are not used for long periods of time. The Aquaphor® Modern table filter in particular is ideal for use in private households thanks to its quick and easy installation.

Installation water filter | Possibilities

Replacement filters and accessories in our online shop

In order to always receive optimally treated drinking water, it is important to replace the filters in your system regularly. This should usually happen after around six months, but the period of use depends on several factors:

  • Type of water filter
  • Intensity of stress
  • Pollutant contamination of the water.

Replacement filter You can order directly here from Aquacentrum. We also offer a variety of options for our water filter systems Accessories if, for example, you have a specific 1/4” connector , or Faucet adapter need. Since you can hardly find these items in stores, it is worth placing your order directly with us.

Why change a water filter?

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