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How to optimize reverse osmosis direct flow systems

Optimization of Osmosis direct flow systems Here you can see a thematic comparison of Osmosis direct flow systems. This data was kindly provided to us by the company H2on GmbH. The table can also be downloaded here Topic Conventional Standards Optimizations Advantages Type Pre- and post-filters Conventional housing replacement filter inserts Quick Change Filter AQUAPHOR Simplest […]

Calcium shaft

Brigitte W.: Which calcium do you recommend for the calcium shaft of my water ionizer?

Bioceramic, biostone

Ute S: Is it better to have a Biostone bioceramic filter or is an activated carbon filter sufficient?

How often do the two internal water filters in the water ionizer need to be replaced?

Multi-layer activated carbon filter change Water ionizer According to the Drinking Water Ordinance (TWVO), the filter(s) of every non-backwashable filter system must be replaced every 6 months. In almost all water filters that are integrated into the water ionizers, one of the activated carbon layers is coated with a very thin layer of silver. This layer prevents accumulation and contamination of the filter, which results in unpleasant odors [...]

Dispose of filters in an environmentally friendly manner

After changing the filter, how can I dispose of the replaced filter in an environmentally friendly manner? You might also be interested in this article: You will actually not find drinking water completely free of pollution anywhere in Central Europe. The limit values ​​of the drinking water regulations are often viewed critically, even though they are lower than for mineral water. What is important is that a pollutant such as lead or cadmium remains a pollutant even if […]

What should you consider when selecting a filter?

Wolfgang Q.: You used to recommend devices without a pre-filter if there were no objections to the tap water. Why are you trying to convince me to use a filter now? Don't they also have a risk of contamination? What should you consider when selecting a filter?

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