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How do I best adjust the flow and pH value of my water ionizer?

Reply from Yasin Akgün on Sep 15th 2016 Dear Ms. H., Thank you for your email. Because of the fine settings of the respective electrolysis stages in the EOS water ionizers. These settings are not necessary because we have already had them adjusted at the factory to best suit our conditions. The strongest basic level is therefore set as strong as possible. However […]

Which water ionizers can I install on the tap and cold water pipe?

Here is a short email from one of our customers who permanently installed his water ionizer on the cold water pipe: “Hello Mr. Akgün, I did a permanent installation yesterday with a T-piece. It was done in 30 minutes. Previously I didn't trust the connection to the plastic hose, but it's firmly in place. Kind regards, Andreas N.” The following is an email from a customer, […]

mains water supply

Water connection Michael B.: Which connection method to the water pipe do you recommend?

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