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Can alkaline water neutralize stomach acid?

How does alkaline water survive stomach acid to have an alkaline effect in the body?

The question about the alkaline effect in view of stomach acid is answered as the first question in the interview video:


Here is a short video from Dipl. Ing. Dietmar Ferger that shows that alkaline water can never be too alkaline for stomach acid:

Hendrik L.: My alternative practitioner says that the alkaline active water, as soon as it comes into contact with the stomach acid, is immediately neutralized and is ineffective and that the alkaline water increases the production of stomach acid and this then affects the entire intestine even more overacidified.

Please provide your perspective on these statements.

Some alternative practitioners read the magazine “Nexus” and were informed about this by an article by the Australian Pharmacist Jan —> Roberts unsettled who makes such claims. Please read this keyword for more information.

The fact is that drinking alkaline active water in the recommended pH range of up to 9,5 neither significantly reduces the stomach pH nor leaves the pH window for the effectiveness of digestive enzymes.

Contrary to Sang Whang's claims, no additional acid production is stimulated. However, the latter can occur at pH values ​​above 10,5, which Sang Whang incomprehensibly recommended, even though, in contrast to alkaline activated water, they lie completely outside the natural pH ranges as reflected in the drinking water regulations.

A so-called acid rebound, i.e. a provocation of stomach acid production, happens very quickly when mineral-based base powders are taken for a long time.

An empty stomach, into which alkaline water enters, hardly reacts at all, but the water slides quickly along the so-called “stomach road” through the gatekeeper into the duodenum, where it arrives largely unmixed with the gastric juice.
Only part of the negative redox potential is transferred to the gastric juice.

FAQ interview with Karl Heinz Asenbaum about stomach acid

The FAQ interview video about alkaline active water with Karl Heinz Asenbaum also deals with the sometimes very speculative dissenting voices against alkaline activated water.

It explains the most important questions and answers that still raise doubts, such as the topic of alkaline water and stomach acid.

And here's the experiment with stomach acid, which cannot be diluted so easily:

You can drink alkaline active water in the recommended drinking range up to pH 9,5 at any time before, after or with meals. This means that the pH of the stomach acid is not noticeably raised and no digestive enzyme is deactivated. This results from the very low buffering of the alkaline activated water compared to gastric juice. Even activated water with pH 10 doesn't do any harm. Only above pH 10 can the stomach react by pumping in acid. “Acid rebound” effect, comparable to the prolonged intake of baking soda, Bullrich salt, Alka Seltzer and similar alkaline buffers.

The experimental evidence for this was presented by Prilutzky and Bakhir:
Biological media are mostly heterogeneous in their composition. In the gastric cavity catholyte interacts with acid gastric juice, with food masses, etc. In this connection, the ability of catholyte to cause ORP regression under these conditions was examined. Gastric contents were simulated by dissolving acidin – pepsin in drinking water at a concentration of 5 mg/l (one 0.25 mg tablet of preparation for 50 ml of water). Catholyte based on water with 1 g/l mineralization was added to the resulting acidin-pepsin solution. pH and ORP values ​​were measured in the tested samples. The results obtained are shown in Table 1.3.
Table 1.3
The pH and ORP parameters in an acidin-pepsin solution when weakly mineralized water catholyte is added
Initial acidin-pepsin solution
Initial catholyte
Catholyte + acidin pepsin solution 1:100
Catholyte + acidin pepsin solution 1:10

However, the ORP of the gastric juice falls significantly, which can be viewed as positive for health.

Hope this helps you.
All the best
Yours, Yasin Akgün

Excerpt from the book by Karl Heinz Asenbaum: “Electro-activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential. Water ionizers from A – Z”
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