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Aquacentrum Update 2019 | Drink hydrogen water & breathe hydrogen

Crash course on basic & neutral hydrogen (H2) water from a hydrogen (H2) generator

Overview of the state of the art in the hydrogen (H2) industry

Contents that Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TUM speaks in the video.

Yasin Akgun has been committed to providing information in the area of ​​water filters, water ionizers and wellness products for over 14 years. You can trust his recommendations, especially because he provides manufacturer-independent advice. He currently works with more than 20 different manufacturers from Asia and the EU.

  • Basic hydrogen water: 1:43
  • Hydrogen gas: 1:59
  • Devices for producing alkaline hydrogen water: 3:13
  • Reverse osmosis filter: 5:59
  • Yasin's sucking technique: 7:59
  • Test phase and satisfaction guarantee: 9:59
  • Ionizer as a water filter with additional function: 12:00
  • Hydrogen booster: 14:59
  • Hydrogen gas generator: 17:58
  • Inhaling Hydrogen: 21:59 p.m
  • Aquaphor water filter: 27:59
  • Short-term fasting: 29:01
  • Osmoveda reverse osmosis with hot water function: 29:59
  • Hydronade Magnesium Hydrogen Effervescent Tablet: 31:59
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