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Special note from Yasin Akgün, owner of the Aquacentrum

I would like to explicitly point out my heart topic here Point out hydrogen water. See also the informative article by Karl Heinz Asenbaum here.

Hydrogen water, whether with a basic or neutral pH value, is simply a breakthrough in drinking water treatment. There is no reason why you shouldn't use this technology that releases hydrogen (H2) gas bubbles into the water. Compared to carbon dioxide (CO2), the “gas of death,” hydrogen (H2) is considered the “gas of life.”

Water ionizers produce neutral or basic hydrogen water, making it a very soft and drinkable water of life.

I myself, who have been drinking hydrogen water for 10 years now, can only confirm that it seems to slow down aging.

It's not for nothing that we offer one four-week free trial period for all our products. Everyone can and should not only taste the difference, but also feel it for themselves. Good health and blessings, Yasin Akgün

Tesla experiment set for water revitalization and Deep hyperthermia

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