ECA systems

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For example, do you need disinfectant but also drinkable water for your company?

We can use your tap water to produce water that is specifically tailored to your requirements. And that ranges from 40 liters per hour with the smallest ECA system to 4000 liters per hour with the largest industrial ionizer. The concentrate produced is then mixed into the water to be treated in a typical ratio of, for example, 1:500 or 1:1000. This means you can produce this high-performance disinfectant on site using only water, common salt or natural salt and direct current.

More information about that acidic and neutral anolyte, and also catholyte can be found here.

An English summary of the topic, you will find here.

Our elaborate articles about the areas of application of ECA water, i.e. acidic or neutral anolyte and basic catolyte can be found here.

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